3 Ways Axiom Groups Fight Imposter Syndrome

If you’re like most people, you might think one of the primary reasons entrepreneurs fail to reach their desired goals is because they lack a specific skill set. Although this may be true, more often than not, it is because they lack self-confidence. As CEOs, there is enormous pressure on you to follow through on […]

6 Best Strategies for Dealing With Difficult Employees

Businesses don’t intend to have difficult employees but having a plan for when these difficult times occur can help keep and promote productivity and foster healthy employee relationships in the workplace. Of course, this is better said than done, however, there are multiple strategies you can utilize to maximize employee management, effectively minimizing the opportunity […]

On Being CEO: By Serial Entrepreneur Ed Engler

What to know about being CEO? First, know that, narcissists aside, everyone has “imposter syndrome” some or all of the time: that you don’t deserve to be CEO and don’t really have everything figured out about everything all the time like you feel like you’re supposed to.  Like everyone wants you to.  They even actually […]

How to be the Boss of the Online Boardroom

Here’s a riddle for you: How can you read a room that’s not a room? Scratching your head? So are we, but that’s how it feels for most of us on video calls. With bad lighting and spotty internet, it can be near impossible to tell if our audience is engaged, or if what we’re […]

Managing Team Conflict: From Mediation to Resolution

We’d all like to imagine ourselves above the fights and tantrums of elementary and middle school. However, when conflict creeps up in the workplace, you might be transported back to the blacktop during recess, fighting over who’s turn is next. When things get heated in the workplace, it’s up to the leaders to step in […]

The Wisdom of the Crowd and Power of Taking Advice

In 1906, statistician Francis Galton took a visit to a county fair. There he observed a contest where fair-goers were meant to guess the weight of the cow–the person with the closest guess would win. Numbers were all over the place, both incredibly high, and some strangely low. Galton had an idea. He took all […]

What Leaders Can Learn From Giving Advice

When we dole out our sage advice, we tend to think it helps the other party solve their problem. It very well might, but in reality, the advice-giver sees some major benefits as well. The experience of giving advice can be a self-confidence boost, and it helps us test our leadership skills. When done correctly, […]

The Power of Continuous Learning in the Workplace

“You couldn’t pay me to go back to school,” you might’ve heard a coworker lament at some point during your career. But here’s the thing–many major companies are encouraging for their employees to go back to class on their dime. Corporations like Disney, Walmart, McDonald’s, and Starbucks are including incentives for employees to encourage them […]

The Importance of Learning Agility

It today’s culture, things move faster than ever. You can get feedback from customers almost instantaneously, which can be a great benefit, but also a drawback. Internal or external issues can escalate much faster, and being an agile leader makes it easier to address conflicts quickly. The business leader that rejects agility is like a […]