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What is Aspire 360?

Aspire360 is a network for entrepreneurs that provides customized learning programs and serial entrepreneur-led, peer-to-peer community groups (Axioms) for CEOs to accelerate their professional development while running their business.


Our members are CEOs of pre-seed to Series A companies who need to build ongoing and lasting relationships with other like-minded leaders to solve tough problems together.


Our Axioms are led by serial entrepreneurs, several of whom have built and sold 8+ companies.

Annual Pitch Competition

Each year our members compete for a $50k grand prize, the chance to pitch at our live event, and features with our investor partners. 


Our community partners provide free and discounted legal and accounting advice as you start out.


Our university partners and network uniquely position us to support you to get top talent when you're hiring interns.


We offer discounts to services like,, Canva, and more.

1:1 Coaching Sessions with Serial Entrepreneurs

Build lasting relationships with other like-minded leaders while solving tough problems together.  Our facilitators have been there before, some 9-10 times.

Founder to Founder Advice in Bi-Weekly Mastermind Groups

The best advice is specific, timely and comes from your peers. Join a cohort and see the magic of having the brains of 11 other CEOs help you address your most challenging issues.

Diverse Expert Mentor Network

Connect with specialists whose expertise spans industry and specialty from design to accounting, software to hardware and agriculture to crypto. 

We Have Partnerships With

CEO and Executive Coaches

Our coaches are CEOs and experienced leaders of growth companies, just like you. They've built and sold their businesses (1-10 times).

Your coach is there to help you outline your goals individually, provide structure, and facilitate questions and workshop conversation with your group.

​Each coach is matched to you based on behavioral and personality assessments to provide the best fit.


Maneesh Sagar, Coach

Maneesh Sagar is an 8X founder, early stage VC in the New York area, and an Innovation Fellow and Founding Career Coach at Columbia University where he teaches classes on startups and Venture Capital.  

  • Maneesh Sagar

Eleanor Haglund

Founder, CEO

Multi-award winning, 3-time CEO who excels at communication and culture, Eleanor focuses on bringing out compelling stories and attends Columbia Business School.

  • Eleanor Haglund

Ed Engler

Founder/Lead Coach

Ten-time founder or

co-founder, multi-fund manager and super angel, Ed focuses on coaching teams and building value-added capital around great founders and markets.

  • Ed Engler

Ian Magazine,


Ian has raised over $100M in funding and managed 184 acquisitions across industries. Ian is best known for his work at Nextel, where he was a founding member of Nextel’s Senior Management team and it’s 1st employee. Nextel was acquired for 35 Billion dollars in 2005.

  • Ian Magazine


What stage of startup do you accept?

We welcome startups that range from pre-seed to Series B, first-time and many-time founders, funded and bootstrapped. If you’re committed to growing for yourself and for your company, we want to support that growth.


I’m an early founder. Am I going to feel out of my league?

Joining Aspire360 is a commitment to your own growth and learning. While there may be times where you stretch your skills and feel like you’re learning a lot during your coaching sessions and workshops, rest assured that you are in good company. We craft the workshop groups to include a range of experiences so you’ll always feel like you have something to contribute, and something to learn. 


Is there an annual contract or commitment I have to agree to?

Nope! No annual contract is required to join. All memberships are month-to-month to allow you and your coach to have the flexibility to build you an experience that fits your business needs at any given time. 


I have a friend who is interested in joining too. How do I get them connected?

Wonderful! Have them fill out the Expression of Interest form here and mention your name. That way, we can give you a referral credit towards your account.


How do I contact you with a question that isn’t answered here?

Reach out to us at any time at or schedule time to talk. We’d love to hear from you!

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