What Is An Axiom Group?

Your Axiom Group is a group of founders driven to build incredible businesses that have a lasting impact on the world. Each Axiom Group is hand-selected to maximize the diversity of thoughts and ideas in the room, so you get the strategy you need, every time.


Aspire360 Axioms

A foundation you can build your business on.

Axioms are a safe space.

All confidential information shared in the meetings stays in the meetings. We do not put competitor companies in the same Axiom.

Axioms consist of 8-12 startup founders and growth-stage entrepreneurs.

Our members represent the most innovative companies, across a broad cross-section of industries.

Axiom Coaches

Our Coaches are CEOs and former founders, just like you. They've built and sold their businesses (1-10 times).

What makes a Coach?​ Part Founder, Part Guide, 100% Your Cheerleader

Your Axiom Coach is there to help you outline your goals individually, provide Axiom structure, and facilitate questions and workshop conversation with your group.

Each Coach is matched to you based on behavioral and personality assessments to provide the best fit.


What stage of startup do you accept?

We welcome startups that range from pre-seed to Series B, first-time and many-time founders, funded and bootstrapped. If you’re committed to growing for yourself and for your company, we want to support that growth.


I’m an early founder. Am I going to feel out of my league?

Joining Aspire360 is a commitment to your own growth and learning. While there may be times where you stretch your skills and feel like you’re learning a lot during your coaching sessions and workshops, rest assured that you are in good company. We craft the workshop groups to include a range of experiences so you’ll always feel like you have something to contribute, and something to learn. 


Is there an annual contract or commitment I have to agree to?

Nope! No annual contract is required to join. All memberships are month-to-month to allow you and your coach to have the flexibility to build you an experience that fits your business needs at any given time. 


I have a friend who is interested in joining too. How do I get them connected?

Wonderful! Have them fill out the Expression of Interest form here and mention your name. That way, we can give you a referral credit towards your account.


How do I contact you with a question that isn’t answered here?

Reach out to us at any time at coaches@aspire360.io. We’d love to hear from you!

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