How to Manage Your Hybrid Team

Hybrid Team

As the workforce moves back to the office, some workers will face challenges returning or not wish to return, at least as things were in the past.  Surveys have shown that as much as 89% of people report higher work satisfaction while working from home and 40% report not wishing to return to the office […]

The Positive Side of Your Spiky Opinions

Spiky Opinions

Spiky opinions or positions are popular these days. Nobody wants to read another opinion piece that opines similarly on the same things again, so it’s understandable. Now people look for “fights to pick”, outlier positions to take or to highlight potentially controversial elements.  We can unpack the appeal of spiky opinions in three ways. Novelty […]

Are you a boss or a leader? Find out here!

boss or a leader

Everybody wants to be the boss, right? You get to decide what to do boss or a leader, who does what and gets all the glory! Indeed, many managers and C-suite executives think they are supposed to or perhaps born to tell other people what to do. This is the hallmark of the boss: They […]

3 Ways Axiom Groups Fight Imposter Syndrome


If you’re like most people, you might think one of the primary reasons entrepreneurs or CEO fail to reach their desired goals is because they lack a specific skill set. Although this may be true, more often than not, it is because they lack self-confidence. With some workshops like Axiom, CEOs learn valuable skills for […]

Seeking US Funding: The 3 Biggest Challenges for Europeans

US Funding

For companies domiciled in Europe, the rich ecosystem of investors in the US is very enticing! After all, $130 billion of VC funding went into US startups in 2020 is over three times the $41 billion VCs invested in Europe. Angel investors in Europe invested $11 billion in 2020 vs. angels in the US who […]

6 Best Strategies for Dealing With Difficult Employees

Dealing With Difficult Employees

Businesses don’t intend to have difficult employees but having a plan for when these difficult times occur can help keep and promote productivity and foster healthy employee relationships in the workplace. Of course, this is better said than done, however, there are multiple strategies you can utilize to maximize employee management, effectively minimizing the opportunity […]

7 Ways to Fundraise Your Startup Like a Pro

Ways to Fundraise

Anyone who has worked for a startup knows how crucial fundraising is for your company and its longevity. Professional fundraisers used different Ways to Fundraise to raise company funds. In this post, we’ll highlight seven strategies professional fundraisers use and how you can apply them to your startup.  1. Start with a clear set of goals […]