5 Ways You Can Lose Your Brand Ownership

Building and developing a brand is not simple, especially when competition is fierce in the market. Any wrong step can destroy the reputation you spend time creating. However, branding ownership is the backbone of your credibility in the market. It demonstrates what value you provide and how customers think about your company when they see […]

The 5 Top Benefits of Brand Ownership

When you own your brand, you have complete freedom and flexibility over how you use it. Here are five advantages of brand ownership that any business can benefit from. The Opportunity to Accomplish Your Mission Every company has its mission in the business world, and you’ll have a hard time accomplishing it without a brand. […]

How to Create a Succession Plan for Your Business

When you leave your position as an owner, you need someone new to keep your company alive and flourishing. A succession plan is to choose a successor continuing your good work and improving what you missed. Many business owners don’t have clear plans for their business succession. If you’re one of them, you might want […]

5 Ways To Get Your Non-Tech Startup Funded

Choosing non-tech startups means that entrepreneurs are not dependent on technology to run their delivery mechanisms. Airbnb, TaskRabbit, Macy’s, and Groupon are remarkable examples of this business type. If you think about following this suit, how can you get your company funded?  Here are six ways you should consider before starting off. Outlining an Effective […]

5 Ways to Build an Adaptive Culture

An adaptive culture is “simply a way of operating where change is expected and adapting to those changes is smooth, routine and seamless.” Here are five techniques you should consider to create it for staff members and yourself. Being Anticipatory The adaptive corporate culture is not passive. As a leader, you need to sense unforeseen […]

5 Tips for Launching a Web Development Startup

Are you embarking on a web development startup? Let’s explore the five tips helping you build up the business. Creating a Well-Designed Website Attracting work is likely your first order of business as a startup. Besides your company information, visitors will look at your website to explore what you build and offer. If your site […]

7 Books for Any Stage of Entrepreneur

Strategy is the door to your success, and choosing the right one is the first step to do as a new entrepreneur. What books should you pick to read? Here are eight of the most influential books on business strategy and management. “Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap and Others Don’t” by […]

How to Build an Effective Circle of Safety

Imagine being a general and building a fortress to prepare for the enemy’s siege. You need the best engineers, materials, and construction workers. Any flaw from those elements costs you a defeat. With the right construction, your structure is strong enough to withstand any blow dealt by enemies. While it’s not a physical structure, building a […]

3 Ways to Build Local Entrepreneurial Networks

When you are a business owner, you never walk alone because many entrepreneurs are in your area. All you have to do is connect to find more opportunities. Connections help you find more business partners and give more information about potential markets.  How can you do that easily? This article will help you expand your […]

The Top 5 Mistakes Most Non-Tech Startups Make

In today’s app-heavy world, it can be hard to remember not all startups are tech startups. Non-tech startups don’t rely on technology alone to build their product, but that doesn’t mean they’re immune to the challenges and struggles of any startup.  Non-tech startups can fall into some common mistakes. Below, we’re outlining a few, and […]