Seeking US Funding: The 3 Biggest Challenges for Europeans

For companies domiciled in Europe, the rich ecosystem of investors in the US is very enticing! After all, $130 billion of VC funding went into US startups in 2020 is over three times the $41 billion VCs invested in Europe. Angel investors in Europe invested $11 billion in 2020 vs. angels in the US who […]

6 Best Strategies for Dealing With Difficult Employees

Businesses don’t intend to have difficult employees but having a plan for when these difficult times occur can help keep and promote productivity and foster healthy employee relationships in the workplace. Of course, this is better said than done, however, there are multiple strategies you can utilize to maximize employee management, effectively minimizing the opportunity […]

7 Ways to Fundraise Your Startup Like a Pro

Anyone who has worked for a startup knows how crucial fundraising is for your company and its longevity.  In this post, we’ll highlight seven strategies professional fundraisers use and how you can apply them to your startup.  1. Start with a clear set of goals Don’t come into the fundraising process blind and expect to […]

The Insider Secrets to Startup Fundraising

With the excitement of launching a start-up comes the temptation to jump in too soon. Not only is it vital to spend six months to a year wooing investors and fundraising, but solid commitments are imperative. If you are debuting your start-up prematurely without extensive research and the backing of carefully matched investors and mentors […]

Persuasion: The Art of Telling Effective Business Stories

Learn effective storytelling techniques for business. Speaker: Eleanor Haglund, CEO of Aspire360 Originally premiered at the 2021 Microsoft Women in Cloud Conference Summary: Are you struggling to be heard? Is being an inspiring and effective communicator important to your career or your mission? Join Eleanor Haglund, serial entrepreneur and CEO of Aspire360, as she reviews […]

Discount for Lack of Control: What You Need to Know

When it comes to valuing shares in a company, the difference between majority and minority owners is quantified in the discount for lack of control. It recognizes the substantial difference in value when control is part of the equation. People value control a lot! In many companies, minority interests are not allowed to be sold […]

Phantom Stock: What You Need To Know

Phantom stock is a form of incentive compensation (similar to stock options) that enables the employee to benefit from the growth of the company and allows the employer to align the employee’s interests with the company’s growth. Tell me more! How is it used? Phantom stock is a contractual agreement with benefits similar to stock […]

7 Ways To Leverage Fear For Success

Towards the beginning of the pandemic, March 2020, I was afraid. Like millions of people around the world, I was worried about how I would make a living. How would I provide for my family? What would happen to us? A large part of my income is made flying around the USA (and the world) […]

How to Build an Entrepreneurial Organization: Passion, Diversity, and Community

Building an entrepreneurial team is much easier said than done. Only 13% of Americans say they feel engaged and passionate about their jobs. While you might want your team to be entrepreneurial, it’s about more than just well wishes. It’s developing systems, practices, and a culture that makes everyone feel as invested as the founder. […]