The Benefits of Business Coaching

Sometimes, a minor setback in business could be a sign of something bigger at play. It’s important to take some time to evaluate where you are in your entrepreneurial journey and acknowledge any hindrances that are preventing you from taking the business to the next level.  The reality is that while you may be an […]

3 Ways Axiom Groups Fight Imposter Syndrome


If you’re like most people, you might think one of the primary reasons entrepreneurs or CEO fail to reach their desired goals is because they lack a specific skill set. Although this may be true, more often than not, it is because they lack self-confidence. With some workshops like Axiom, CEOs learn valuable skills for […]

Coachability: What are investors really talking about? And 3 BIG mistakes to avoid.


What different investors mean when they talk about coachability can be wildly different and honestly, sometimes it’s confusing. If you’re looking for investment for your startup, it’s important to understand what different people mean when they talk about coachability because it can help you get the money you need. What Investors Really Mean When They […]

The Benefits of Business Coaching: From Sales to Scaling

benefits of business coaching

“I’ve always been a self-taught person,” explains Trevor Rappleye, founder and CEO of Corporate Filming, a national digital media company specializing in videography and online content. Started in 2000, Rappleye’s journey reached a fork in the road when his founding partner left the team. But if you are an entrepreneur you can take the benefits […]

Why Everyone (Even You) Needs a Business Coach

business coach

For lots of us, the idea of working with a business coach feels like a far-off or lofty goal. It’s a someday venture, but not today. Not with your current budget, workload, company position, or future goals. The truth is, there’s never a better time than the present to work with a business coach. Anyone, […]

4 Signs You Are Not Ready to Work with a Coach

executive coach

We’d be lying if we said executive coaching was the right move for every CEO. It would be like saying everyone should go gluten-free just because it’s really helped some people. Yes, an executive coach can change the way a founder leads a team, solves problems, or grows a company, but it won’t be a […]