How to Create a Succession Plan for Your Business

When you leave your position as an owner, you need someone new to keep your company alive and flourishing. A succession plan is to choose a successor continuing your good work and improving what you missed. Many business owners don’t have clear plans for their business succession. If you’re one of them, you might want […]

How to Build an Effective Circle of Safety

Imagine being a general and building a fortress to prepare for the enemy’s siege. You need the best engineers, materials, and construction workers. Any flaw from those elements costs you a defeat. With the right construction, your structure is strong enough to withstand any blow dealt by enemies. While it’s not a physical structure, building a […]

4 Reasons Brand Ownership is Important

The bar has been raised. If the beginning and end of a relationship between consumer and brand is the transaction itself, it is very easy to fall out of favor with the audience. This is where the concept of “brand ownership” comes in. It can also be said that all marketing campaigns are an attempt […]