Aspire 360


  • Best-in-class solutions to your problems

    • Breadth of experience brings knowledge of what is working in today's market

  • Confidence in your direction

    • Open and honest discussions bring out reality and help avoid biases and errors​

  • Strong belief in yourself and your team

    • When you and they both grow together, anything is possible.​​


  • Excellent comrades in arms with you

    • Dedicated coaches and relevant cohorts that can help across every corner of your business.​


Goal setting/ coaching

Assess your best opportunities objectively, discover what you need to learn, who you need to meet and how you can reach your goals quickly.

Learn why you should choose one goal over another, align your goals more effectively and move faster to success.

Issue processing

Group focus on your issue will bring out uncomfortable truths - and real solutions.  Deep inquiry and understanding help find the root causes to your biggest issues.  Low-bias, high-fidelity answers to your toughest questions can be sought in safety.

Best Practices

Experienced coaches and cohorts of growing companies that are in-market offer state-of-the-art solutions that will really work.  We craft custom learning programs designed to teach you what you need when you need it.  In about an hour a week, you learn what you need in a timely fashion.


Build lasting relationships with other like-minded leaders while solving tough problems together.  Get ongoing coaching from a team with over 80 years of entrepreneurial experience including investors, growth experts and experienced entrepreneurs.



  • Open and honest

  • Reliable and responsible

  • Committed and accountable


  • Of you, the CEO, in many areas

  • In value​ of your contributions and assets

  • Of your team and their abilities

Focus on Goals

  • Identify highest potential opportunities​

  • Move fast with confidence

  • Daily engagement to stay on track

Value Creation

  • Active listening to build understanding

  • Seek win-win-win opportunities​

  • Empathize with customers and deliver

Passion and Commitment

  • Know your why, enable your long game

  • Be tenacious and "in it to win it"

  • Self-care and sustainability

Our Coaches

Eleanor Haglund

  • Eleanor Haglund

Multi-award winning, 3-time CEO who excels at communication and culture, Eleanor focuses on bringing out compelling stories and attends Columbia Business School.

Ed Engler

  • Ed Engler

Ten-time founder or co-founder, multi-fund manager and super angel, Ed focuses on coaching teams and building value-added capital around great founders and markets.

Audrey Dunning

  • Audrey Dunning

Athena award-winning CEO of Summa and long-time corporate sales leader, Audrey is passionate about building teams aligned around compelling culture.

Adam Paulisick

  • Adam Paulisick

Visionary leader who has led game-changing technology teams.  From design to finance to sales enablement, Adam has  built enormous value with his vast experience and disruptive ideas.


“Ed’s great insight into talent acquisition, evaluation and retention was very helpful in building a high performing team. ” 


—  Angel funded CEO

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