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CEO and Executive Coaches

Our Coaches are CEOs and former founders, just like you. They've built and sold their businesses (1-10 times).

What makes a Coach?

Part Founder, Part Guide, 100% Your Cheerleader

Your Axiom Coach is there to help you outline your goals individually, provide Axiom structure, and facilitate questions and workshop conversation with your group.

Each Coach is matched to you based on behavioral and personality assessments to provide the best fit.

The best advice is specific, timely and comes from fellow leaders, and trusted experienced mentors.

You're confronted with challenging, multifaceted issues every day. Your investors and employees look to you to guide them. But you're self-aware enough to know you can't do it all on your own. No one can.

You need to equip yourself to propose and implement solutions: collaborative, innovative strategies that address the needs of your customers and all your stakeholders.

Aspire360 provides a safe forum for the conversations you need to have with experienced founders to get you connected to the right resources and unlock strategic solutions that turn the horse you're betting on into a unicorn.

  • Validated

    Index Assessments

    Our team of operators and investors have built indices to help identify strengths and weaknesses so you can build your business into the unicorn that it is.

  • Founder-to-Founder Advice

    The best advice is specific, timely and comes from your peers. Join a cohort and see the magic of having the brains of 11 other CEOs help you address your most challenging issues.

  • Renown


    Build lasting relationships with other like-minded leaders while solving tough problems together.  Our facilitators have been there before, some 9-10 times.


Aspire360 Offers:

  • A dynamic, yet systematic approach to strategy and accountability

  • Relevant topics on things you need, but don't have time to research

  • Accountability exercises

  • Personal connections with peer founders

  • Emerging technologies that enhance your experience



Our approach:

  1. Define your goals

  2. Propose a roadblock to discuss

  3. Frame the issue with the group

  4. Get instant feedback and suggestions.

  5. Make an action plan.

  6. Stay accountable to your goals.

  • Eleanor Haglund


From seed-stage startups to growth-stage companies and accelerators, from software to hardware, we have a cohort that will fit you.


You'll be in great company.



 Our experienced leadership team includes investors, growth experts and former operators.  We've faced the same challenges you are facing right now while founding startups, building companies, and investing in innovators. And we did it all with the support of our peers. 

Eleanor Haglund

Multi-award winning, 3-time CEO who excels at communication and culture, Eleanor focuses on bringing out compelling stories and attends Columbia Business School.

  • Eleanor Haglund

Ed Engler

Ten-time founder or co-founder, multi-fund manager and super angel, Ed focuses on coaching teams and building value-added capital around great founders and markets.

  • Ed Engler

Audrey Dunning

Athena award-winning CEO of Summa and long-time corporate sales leader, Audrey is passionate about building teams aligned around compelling culture.

  • Audrey Dunning

Adam Paulisick

Visionary leader who has led game-changing technology teams.  From design to finance to sales enablement, Adam has  built enormous value with his vast experience and disruptive ideas.

  • Adam Paulisick

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