Aspire360 Marketing Guidance Package


You are building an amazing product with high value to the right customers. 


The right guidance system can give you the roadmap and real-time directional guidance you need to be sure your messages hit their targets every time.


Deploying precision marketing techniques to increase reach, awareness, and scale the platform is critical to accelerating growth at this important point. With the right support, you can create an unfair competitive advantage to achieve this. You need a well-defined roadmap and a best in class precision marketing plan to ensure that you reach your right target, at the right time with the right message. This will help you to be sure your messages hit their targets every time and hit your conversion targets.


Amardeep Kahlon will act as your factional CMO for a 1-year period to bring your bold vision to life and execute on real growth for your business.  Amardeep was recognized for his 20+ years of leadership in global branding and growth by PR Week in 2019, being named the 7th top health influencer.  With experience managing P&L for iconic brands in Asia, Europe, and North America, Amardeep has led marketing teams of 2 to over 100 people over 20 years and has delivered $1+ billion in incremental revenue.  His bold visions have created multiple award-winning campaigns that helped drive transformation in digital marketing and eCommerce.  He will share some of his secrets to translating customer insights into breakthrough products, experiences, and marketing activations.


During the program , Amardeep will embed himself into your executive team, meeting with you regularly to help guide you and provide key insights, direction and feedback along the way. 




Understanding your customer

Understanding your value proposition

Purpose Assessment

Customer Alignment

All assessments will be completed with an “Aspire360 Market Guidance Report” outlining key findings and including all detail and data for future review.  Data is kept private to users and their personal cohorts and coaches unless otherwise agreed in writing.



With the Market Guidance Report in hand, your coaches will lead you through a comprehensive Strategic Roadmap Development effort where you will.


Build a powerful purpose

  • Create a clear and powerful articulation of your purpose

  • Build a robust purpose articulation for individual team members including creation of a ‘purpose ladder’ between individuals on the team and the business.



Optimize key target persona(s)

  • Review current target persona(s)

  • Activate primary and secondary data points to refine target persona(s)

  • Build an empathy map on a top priority persona


Develop a Business Growth Map & 3 Year Plan

  • Complete a segmentation and source of growth (SOG) analysis

  • Analyse Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), in deeper layers than ever before also apply Customer Based Corporate Value analysis (CBCV)

  • Define and prioritize  growth map and understand how to align activity with your purpose and goals

  • Articulate your BHAG



Define brand fundamentals

  • Complete comprehensive review of all branding fundamentals

  • Review Unique Selling Proposition

  • Create brand development guidelines and key branding principles



Marketing Strategy and Plan Optimization

  • Audit current marketing strategy and plans to develop a bold marketing strategy

  • Build a consumer/customer experience journey framework

  • Define HVA’s (High-Value Actions) with associated KPI’s

  • Complete a full review of digital marketing plans, including SEO audit


At the end of the program you will have a refined brand, complete suite of marketing materials, active go-to-market campaigns in place with measures of potential  market segments and a prioritized roadmap of next steps to guide you to the growth you seek going forward.

  • Outline your goals

  • Get instant feedback

  • Be held accountable

  • All benefits of Marketing Axiom

  • Develop a Growth Map and 3 Year Plan

  • Optimize your target personas

  • Define your brand fundamentals

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